Sunday, August 24, 2014

When On Summer Break...

this looks really green...maybe crop out the walls next time?
the least Picasa can do to "improve"
Plus, I am a pro
flash used on the right
so interesting
I've been in a little transition period in the last month: completing my public health fellowship, moving from San Antonio to Houston, trying to get in some last hurrahs before starting graduate school, and basically acquiring more adult responsibility.  Because of that and the fact that I was without Internet in my apartment for longer than anticipated (and it's still temperamental at best), I haven't been doing the blogging thing.  Though I've wanted to...and not wanted to.

Not wanted to because my move means leaving my enclosed and private comfort zone for do-it-yourself self-photography and I always err on the side of extreme caution when putting things on my plate.  I'm thinking grad school might take up most of the plate.  No room for more, no need to pile it high and get overstuffed or wasteful.  I shared this with one of my aunties and she told me to keep it simple, that I could still do it if I wanted to but I didn't need to gallivant out into the world for grand photos.  Hmmm...true and yet, quality photos are important.  As if mine were the best (I'm still on the curviest learning curve)...

Trying out Warby Parker frames for the nth time
Anyway, the next couple of posts with feature a lot from the past.  For right now, this remixed repeat outfit was during my last days in San Antonio.  Indoors because it was too hot to even think about stepping outside but then I had a lot of trouble coping with the lighting.  I don't know what Picasa can do about it though. I tried.

Outfit Details
BCBG Max Azria skirt (Uptown Cheapskate) // H&M "oatmeal" colored tank (hidden) // AVA vest (whoa, this is on eBay)  // Sam Edelman sandals // Rachel Roy gold earrings // Steve Madden tiny cross body purse 

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