Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Keep Your Head Up

Sometimes I am a lie!  A fraud, a tame hypocrite.  I pass on words of encouragement because everyone needs encouragement and small reminders from time to time.  Then a moment hits me where I feel down or strange or un-confident.  In that moment I should instantly remember those words of encouragement I've heard and the ones I've tried to pass on.  But I don't. I stay stuck for a bit.

Scrolling through old bookmarks and old blog posts, I had a gasp-filled epiphany.  "Hey you, look at what you favorited.  Look at what you wrote.  Telling people to find joy no matter what's going on, to look up.  Have you done that today in your moment of internal despair?"  Yesterday, I felt some type of way (which is an inadequate way of saying you're displeased with or about something) and had to consciously think about not allowing myself to cry over nothing.  I didn't remember what I'd written to encourage others (and myself).  I didn't remember what my mother has told me about prayer and positive self-talk and perceiving myself as others see me (usually the truth instead of a distortion of the truth).

Staying stuck for longer than a little bit requires hefty reminders.  Until the point of nagging even, if that is what it takes for the lightbulb to switch on.  On to acknowledge the good, on to believe in yourself and your capabilities, on to shine light onto others.  Ahh, please remember sometimes...

I know it's hard, know it's hard,
To remember sometimes,
But you gotta keep your head up, oh,
And you can let your hair down, eh.
--"Keep Your Head Up," Andy Grammer
(this is one awesome, catchy song)

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