Thursday, February 20, 2014

School Girl Charm

Mixing old and new(ish), or rather neglected and old favorites.  I think it looks like a school uniform with a personal twist and some color.  Is this why I sometimes get mistaken for a student of some kind?  Not the grown, graduate kind but the "what's your school mascot?" kind.  I'm kidding.  But really, all I need is a backpack.

[psst! there's more writing below]

Mustard yellow and turquoise...hmm.  A happy combination, I think.  The skirt has been unworn for over a year (goodness!) and there's no reason why. 
 Just remembering that every article or post about organizing closets/wardrobes always mentions purging.  Anything that doesn't fit or you no longer wear you should throw out or give away.  I can't seem to take that advice unless I've really grown to hate an item.  But actually that's not even true.  I've kept clothes I don't like so much on the hanger with the hope that creativity with spark within me and I'll find some cool, unique way to style them later.

Later is waiting, later is coming.  So maybe that's what I should actively do...try to wear everything in my closet.  Or in the very least partake in that purging thing.  What do you think?

Outfit Details
Cynthia Rowley t-shirt (TJ Maxx)
Ann Taylor Loft vest (ThredUP)
Richard Chai for Target skirt
Dolce Vita flats
Steve Madden crossbody
Ruche earrings
favorite bangle set in the world

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love is Still Here

With all the Valentine's Day anticipation-- the inundation of red and pink, card displays next to the checkout lines, sales (because what's Valentine's Day without a new blender or limited free shipping?), themed blog posts (erm...) and sentiments from people in the Singles Awareness Day camp-- all the supposed "love" seems to die down right after.  Or maybe afterward it's expected that everyone return to "normal", to not make a big display of affection.  It's like "Ya'll had your day of love, now sit down with all that...we're on President's Day now." 

Of course, love exists and can be celebrated 24/7, 365 days a year.  And that's a special thing, to make every day special, to express your love for family, friends and significant others any time, any day.  Yesterday was lovely because I knew I am loved, just like I did the day before and just like I know the day after.  I hope you know it's true for you too!

Photo Credit
So...on this 15th day of February I just pray that the heart-shaped, Valentine's-inspired candy is heavily discounted.  I also want to share some music from one of my favorite singers.  Miss (Leave) Get Out, Miss Andre A-a-a-a-a-andre.  She released a new EP, #LOVEJO yesterday.  Her vocal talent is amazing.  I luurrve her music -- especially her first mixtape Can't Take That Away From Me and second mixtape Agape.  And now #LOVEJO.  Take a listen here.

Obsessed with her cover of Anita Baker's "Caught Up In The Rapture."  In other unsolicited thoughts of mine, the Google doodle for Valentine's Day was so wonderful.  I listened to three of the This American Life stories at least twice, they were that sweet.  I wonder if I could revisit them...hmm.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Composition I in White, Black and Cream

Hey, hi, hello! Hope that you (whoever you are) have enjoyed your weekend.  That the weather was bearable or pleasantly indecisive day-to-day.  And that you were extraordinary in thought, action and presence.  For me today has been quite alright ♫ from am to pm .  About this outfit of the day then...

I was instantly reminded of an iconic artwork once I put on this skirt.  I remember seeing it in the books of paintings from elementary school art class.  Mrs. Art Teacher would always introduce us to a technique or art movement to influence and inspire our newest projects.  A vague representation of the image flashed across my mind but I had no idea of its title or artist.  With my non-specific query, "art with squares and lines," Google came to the rescue.  Dutch painter Piet Mondrian created Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow in 1930 during his time in Paris. 
Credit: Barewalls
His artwork has clearly inspired the fashion world with designers creating "Mondrian" styles.  It seems that anything with colorblocking or the original primary colors can be Mondrian-inspired.  Rectangular (or other) panels with or without coloring, black and bold bordering too.  In the 1960s Yves Saint Laurent had a colorblock mod dress featured on the cover of Vogue (the least interesting and least relatable fashion magazine, in my opinion) and in this Millennium, an all leather interpretation in a dress.  Now you can buy pillows, shoes, posters, purses, T-shirts and more with the print... goodness gracious!

Credit: Teen Vogue
walk on the wild side
So never mind that the skirt had shifted on my waist (the cream panel is supposed to be in the middle) and that my left shoe is not buckled... I've ventured to the streets now!  Trying to step out into new territory for these outfit posts, daring to fiddle with a tripod and camera settings while vehicles drive by.  

Outfit Details
W118 by Walter Baker peplum top
White House Black Market skirt
Nine West heels ($7 at Ross!)
That Michael Kors clutch again (gotta get my money's worth)

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Brown on Beige on Brown

Happy Black History Month!*  Obviously, this outfit is an attempt to demonstrate the different shades of brown that exist and that black people are really brown.  In elementary school I would choose the brown, raw sienna, and sepia Crayola crayons to draw myself and family, not the black one.  In high school I would wonder why Hispanics and Indians get call themselves brown people.  "But I'm brown too!!"  Oh, but we all know the term is a socially-influenced racial classification...or something.

Taking advantage of the warmer weather, I opted for what I'd call a prairie dress.  It's BITTEN by Sarah Jessica Parker, the clothing line she had in collaboration with the now defunct Steve & Barry's way back when (like 2007).  It's also a reject taken from my cousin lol.  This is how to wear a recycled midi prairie dress: under a cardigan and cinched with a belt to give it a little more shape.
Now, does anyone remember that Nickelodeon show Cousin Skeeter?  With Meagan Good, Robert Ri'chard (Arnaz from One on One, with Penny Proud) and a puppet?  Looking at all this brown reminded me of a scene where Skeeter (puppet) is trying to help Bobby (Robert) choose what to wear for something, most likely involving Bobby's crush Nina (Meagan).  All Bobby had in his closet were beige clothes.  And Skeeter might have thrown a fit as he went through the rack: "Beige?...Beige?!...Beige!...More beige?!!!"  Okay, time to retire that word for the month.

RIP purse
Sooo, this is the bag I wore with the outfit.  The strap unexpectedly unleashed on me while walking out of a store.  I could only laugh about it; I know I wore it out and did not always treat it kindly.  It made an awkward temporary clutch for the rest of the afternoon.

Outfit Details
Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker dress
H&M cardigan
Brown belt from who knows where
Sam Edelman sandals (Marshall's)
Marc Fisher purse I killed

*Hmmm...Google's logo shows Harriet Tubman in honor of Black History Month.  Now to think about what I might do...