Thursday, May 29, 2014


I certainly was excited to find this little grey box in the mail--my Warby Parker Home Try On package!! Warby Parker was the first online eyewear company I heard of but there are several others like BonLook and Eyefly.  I believe WP is the only one that allows a physical try-on at home or in certain store locations in addition to a virtual try-on.  Pretty cool, eh?

To be honest, this is the third time I've done the free Home Try On Program at Warby Parker.  The first time, after my annual optometry visit last year, was a test, like "Really?  They'll send me five pairs of glasses to try on for free?!"  And the second time was probably because I could...and well, because web advertisements absolutely work.  But this third time I plan to actually choose some frames for my new prescription.

You can even get feedback from them if you use #WarbyHomeTryOn on Twitter and friends.  I thought I'd give it a try and they actually responded!  With things like "We're digging Ainsworth on you!" and "We think it'd be great in our Violet Magnolia color as well."  Love the language, love the help.  Even if their ultimate hope is that I'll buy some frames.  But there's no pressure, otherwise I don't think I'd be on my third home try-on... This is a promising collection I picked out though.  What do you think?!  To my fellow vision-impaired peoples: have any of you tried out this program or visited the other eyewear sites?

#1: Ainsworth in Elderberry
#2: Baxter in Catalina Blue
#3: Roosevelt in Revolver Black
#4: Finch in Grenadine
#5: Roosevelt in Bondi Blue
I don't know how it happened, but these kind of look like Polaroid prints.  
Very retro.

P.S. As a kid I could never accept "four-eyes" as a logical insult.  If someone called me that I would make the case that the eyeglasses themselves were not another set of eyes.  I tried to school 'em in the basics of human biology.  Can't say I made a difference.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Headless Woman

Because I am a hopeless with the camera...I became a headless woman.  Maybe I should really find a photography book or a camera with changeable lenses.  Most of the OOTD photos floating around are full-length but still close-up.  I don't know how to do that with my camera.  I'm not even sure it's capable. Anyway...

Monochrome black with a pop of color.  The easiest way to wear something so loud and bright as this Zara blazer is to let it stand alone against one solid color.  No competing with patterns or other members of the rainbow.  Ya'll don't know how many times I tried this blazer on only to throw it off because I thought it didn't look right with whatever outfit. For months.  It was too bright, too turquoise, too big, too long.  But I refused to return it.  During my family's big college commencement weekend, with the unexpected cold and drab weather, it became the choice article of clothing.  By necessity at first, but all of sudden it worked with my outfits.  Or I'm just a weirdo.

Especially with black, I sometimes get annoyed at the differing shades.  I'm pretty sure the top, pants and shoes each have their own ideas about what black is but that's alright.  Whatever.  Gold accents with all the accessories for the final touch.  Just fine for a warm rainy day in the Alamo City. Or y'know, indoors.

Choo choo!
Outfit Details
Tahari tank top
Gap ankle pants
Seychelles booties (arrgh!)
JewelMint gold bangle
Uptown Cheapskate earrings
Steve Madden crossbody bag

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Graduate

Let me start with this: This woman, my mother, is not the graduate.  My awesome little sister is, but during all the commencement festivities (from St. Louis to South Bend, Indiana), my mother claimed some of the spotlight through her impeccable and effortless style.  Although, I know for a fact it was not effortless.  Some serious planning went into the outfits for the weekend.  Don't you kind of have to when you're traveling and don't have full access to your closet?

I feel like I'm divulging secrets here (sorry, Mommy!)...but I think this is what draws so many people to fashion and style.  This is the reason this huge industry that has expanded from conventional, mainstream magazines to a proliferation of personal style blogs and YouTube channels and other websites.  Something so basic as clothing (meant to protect the body from the elements) can also be a form of artistic expression.  There's mutual appreciation of the way people put things together, the way they visually present themselves.  Inspiration is EVERYWHERE.  The cool thing is putting your own twist on what originally inspired you.  Another cool thing is adapting looks and trends to fit into your means (your finances, your tastes, your comfort level).

Here's the outfit inspiration: white shell top with a wreath of pearly necklace, a voluminous trumpet skirt in an interesting print, and a small boxy bag.  Breakdown of my mom's personal twist: a sleeveless white top with lace-like cutouts in the back (can't really see), a tamer pearly necklace, and a tailor-made ankara print skirt (those colors!).  Tied together with a white Fendi belt, a delicious-looking Kate Spade bag (again, those colors!), cut out heels, and sunglasses (because nothing makes you look as cool as sunglasses do).

Hope you liked this and feel inspired by other people's inspiration (lol) and to look your best.  Doesn't have to be so glamorous, just you.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Werk, Miley, Miley, Werk

When she isn't so heavily associated with twerking or creepy-looking teddy bears or sticking out her tongue, Miley Cyrus sometimes shows off some pretty cool looks.  I think this crumpled magazine tear-out is from People Style Watch.  Inspired by Miley Cyrus, my momma, with her magical shopping skills, acquired the skirt and the top.  All I added were the shoes, earrings, and purse.  And voila!  Something quite glamorous to wear for a beautiful wedding.

This woman next to me is amazing
Man, ain't this top nice!  I forgot about the 3.1 Phillip Lim Target collaboration from 2013 (eBay might be a reminder--where scalpers, after sometimes stripping the stores bare, sell the best items of Target Go International lines.  Yeah, I'm slightly salty...on principle).  It zips all the way down and has some sparkly detail on the neckline, which isn't easily seen in these photos...there was some temperamental lighting, shadows and movement in the vestibule (describing the area between the entrance of and the true inside of a building.  Something new!).  There were also some somewhat passive picture takers lol.  I mean, the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy whatever (and a point-and-shoot on auto) are supposed to take great photos with ease 100% of the time...right?

perfect blur
Outfit Details
3.1 Philip Lim for Target top
BCBG Max Azria maxi-mini skirt
Ruche black/silver/gold earrings
Guess spiky heels
The Michael Kors clutch (unpictured)

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother and to all the motherly women in the world!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

So Fly

[Last week] All ready to fly back to Alamo City after a three-day weekend in my hometown: D-Town, Dallas and the faux island, Rockwall.  I hadn't seen my parents since the very last days of December and I hadn't actually been in Dallas since last July.  It was very much a trip overdue.  

And everything was wonderful.

I briefly visited my high school to pick up immunization records and just stood mouth agape in the one central hallway.  Oh my goodness, the library!  I remember those stairs!  Although I already knew this, I later confirmed aloud that I don't really have any ties to my high school.  While I had a few amazing teachers and some great friends, I didn't build very close relationships.  My sister graduated long ago and 99% of the current students are strangers to me.  It sounds kind of sad (lesson to learn from: build as many bridges as possible.  Making life special is about making and maintaining connections).  Now I wonder about what our ten-year reunion would be like.  First, who organizes that event?  And how do they find the first graduating class of 2008, especially if former students have moved or changed names?  How do things work in the world?!

Oooh, I also went to White Rock Skating Rink where I learned how to roller skate around 6 or 7 years old.  I even had a birthday party there and got in the money machine and used the money I caught to buy my little sister a pickle even though I didn't really want to (ha!).  I bet that pickle only cost 50 cents or something like that. But then (as a young'un), a dollar was everything.  A dollar could take you places.  Or at least two dollars.

Another relic of childhood: Chuck E. Cheese.  Sweet and special family reunion time was had there on Sunday.  There's something about their pizza that still hooks you even when you know better pizza exists.  Some familiar games, but no play structures to climb through anymore.  One strange change I noticed: Chuck E. has lost a lot of weight.  He's slimmer with more pronounced ears, which I believe makes him scarier (because basically, Chuck E. Cheese is a large anthropomorphic mouse.  Eew!)

Okay, so back to the present.  I got all dressed up to transition throughout a filled Sunday and to feel comfortable but cute while traveling.  The top was an almost-throwaway from my momma but she passed it along to me instead.  Pretty shapeless on the hanger, but a perfect centerpiece here.  Clothes are weird like that (looking good on the hanger, only to deceive you soon after and vice versa).  When I got home my uncle told me I looked too good to just be coming from Dallas.  And that sounded alright to me so I took it.

Yes for Friday!  Everyone enjoy!

Outfit Details
Rock and Republic top
F21 chaqueta
Levi's skinny thangs
Sam Edelman wedges
Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag
JewelMint Frosty Florals necklace

*All photos taken with the iPhone (very fine handiwork, I'd say)