Monday, July 27, 2015

Flirting With My Boyfriend (Jeans)

Oh, is that a pun in the title? If it is, how great is that? The purpose of puns, sometimes, is to be amusingly lame. No matter, the lame title stays because I don't actually have a boyfriend but I do have these boyfriend jeans. These non-stretch jeans that I never expected to wear as often as I do. Also needed to add some context before disappointing anyone with a misleading title...unless, you know, I'm currently flirting with my (future) boyfriend. Well...

I just thought I looked cute in this: a flirty, feminine top and pants with rips on purpose. I remember when my dad pointed out the rips a couple months ago, as if I didn't know they were there. His expression and response when I told him I bought them that way...still makes me chuckle. Again, with a headwrap to front like my hair is fly. Still perfectly mismatched for a Sunday afternoon, I think.  

the backside
this tree just branched out to me
I am a cheerleader
What I'm wearing:
Hearts black lace top // American Eagle ripped boy crop jeans // Just Fab sandals // greenish scarf of Korean origin, c/o my sister

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Coffee in the Morning

Regular early mornings this summer have me rebuilding an addiction to coffee (or liquid brown sugar-- I like it real sweet). Despite my reliance on coffee's caffeine, I think that coffee is fake. She and her caffeine qualities only mess with your mind, leading you to believe you're more awake or more energized. It's all psychological. Plus that coating/mask she leaves in your mouth to let the whole world know what you've just consumed is so rude of her. Do not abandon breath mints or gum in times of coffee consumption. Please.

However there is a coffee I do believe in. Miguel the R&B singer made it and he makes it well. Have a listen.

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Testing the Youtube Waters

Hmm, it seems I've been talking about my hair mostly in this recent blog revival. Can't promise this will be the last, though. 

Anyway, several weeks ago I decided to test the YouTube waters. Two extraordinary, cool people (who do not know who I am lol) inspired me to this, along with my frenemies, boredom and procrastination. Those last two definitely played a serious role in turning a thought into an actual creative final product.

Ijeoma of Klassy Kinks did this Nigerian and Natural Tag with Nappy Fu. I thought to myself, "I'm Nigerian. I'm natural. I could do this too." Then there's Shameless Maya who I discovered years ago. I watched her very first video about being shameless (which is something I struggle with in reference to blogging). I really like the positivity and encouragement she promotes on her social media outlets. I should (and you should) really check out more of her YouTube videos and/or feel free to "do you boo." 

I think I started over in recording three separate times until I had two versions, which I spliced together in the only editing tool I have, Windows Movie Maker. Although I never thought it was, editing is no joke. Nine minutes of just me. All I can hope for is that some people watch it and enjoy. As of today it's got 19 views and I can only assume that at least 80% are family member views. Nineteen is greater than five, which was the count after the first two weeks. Sounds great to me!