Friday, February 27, 2015

Impulse Buys

The best thing about following other fashion/style blogs is seeing so many cool women look so uniquely put together.  This is what made me want to start my own (somewhat) style blog, in addition to the fact that I've had a thing about clothing since the 9th grade.  Back then I wanted to have at least a modicum of cool.  I wanted to look just as stylish as all the other girls.  This is still me (trying to be extraordinary too), except now I never truly lament about outfit fails...I just roll my eyes or cringe and then keep it movin'.  Next time...

The (sometimes) not so cool thing about following other fashion/style blogs is the mighty power of consumerism.  See a pair of fantastic shoes or coat on Instagram or a blog post and oh how we covet!  And now that nearly every fashion blogger includes direct links to the exact items they're wearing, it's just a done deal.  Oh, let me not forget the shopping haul videos on YouTube, also complete with links.  Whether or not these links are brand-sponsored and commission-earning, they all foster inspiration.  Inspiration that may give way to simple replication.  But that's another story I don't have the details for.

It's pretty easy to talk myself out of going beyond online window shopping.  First, having things requires money and I ain't got it like that (yet).  Second, while whatever it is looks awesome, I wouldn't wear it in real life and I don't need it.  Third, life is less about things, more about people and experiences.  More things won't necessarily make anything better.  These three reasons kept me in check, until I read someone's blog post reminding me about the Zara winter sale. 

Sales are probably the worst part of consumerism.  Sometimes Lulu's or Forever21 will send emails reading "Free shipping TODAY only!" or "15% off Happy Hour Sale!"  These ads will have a girl buying something she never planned to buy.  Like I mentioned, I can say "no" 99% of the time.  But ya'll, this Zara winter sale... This is how I acquired this burgundy clutch and iPhone case. $24 mas o menos.  Looking at what I'm wearing now, I just remembered that the jeans and flats were also impulse buys.  Damn!  Maybe I'm not as strong against the sway as I thought.

What I'm wearing:
H&M oatmeal tank // The Limited navy blazer // American Eagle ripped jeans // Mossimo Vikki patent flats // Zara clutch 
(oh yeah, the jewelry details...) Africa necklace, from Nigeria (thanks dad!) // JewelMint spiky bangle (which I accidentally spiked the clutch with) // BCBG gold arrow earrings

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A is for Awkward, B is for Bright

This Valentine's Day I dressed to impress...myself.  A brief break from winter (which, as of yesterday, has ended) allowed an outfit as seasonally inappropriate as this.  Plus, I had a (group) date with Issa Rae at Brazos Bookstore.  

On a book tour to promote The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, Issa Rae (who sounds and acts EXACTLY like I'd expect after watching her web series of the same name) read an excerpt from the book, answered questions from the audience and then signed copies.  I arrived at the bookstore an hour and 15 minutes before the event time so I got a prime seat.  I also got to meet this retired couple who sat next me and I had a lovely chat with the missus. 

However, that prime seat resulted in a non-prime place in line for the book signing after .  All those darn late people standing in the back beat me.  While waiting in line I tried to think of what I would say to Issa Rae once it was my turn.  I thought I would share with her that I would watch her web series and think to myself "No, I don't believe her.  Issa Rae is functionally and hilariously awkward.  I'm actually awkward.  Plainfully and painfully so."

My heartbeat quickened just as I was to walk up to the table.  Everything I had spent the last 15 minutes planning in my head disappeared.  Issa Rae threw me off (ha!) by thanking me for waiting in such a long line and I responded in a nervous babble about my prime seat rationale. How awkward!  Then it was signed, sealed, photographed, goodbye, the end.  
It was still great!

B is for Bright: Rundown on the Rainbow
Why has it taken me 8 months to finally wear this foine yellow blazer?!! (smh).  The watercolor skirt/tank pairing has been waiting for a special occasion because I didn't ever want to look too cute for no reason.  That's the worst (not really, but you know).  It's a simple combination, I think, made happier with the brightest colors I could find. 

What I'm wearing:
H&M teal tank // Zara Basics blazer // Walter by Walter Baker skirt // BCBGeneration wedges // Kate Spade "pocketbook" // JewelMint Flora necklace

Happy Tuesday!
Other link-a-dinks:
Brazos Bookstore
Issa Rae

Sunday, February 1, 2015

How to Have the Best Groundhog Day

Ground the Hog

Forget about Valentine's Day outfit and gift ideas.  It seems we've all forgotten about the innocuous Groundhog Day (February 2), which is clearly more important.  You can celebrate love any (and every) day of the year.  But Groundhog Day is the only day a rodent foretells the imminent coming of spring (or the staying of winter).  In honor of this day, I spent forever and a day putting together this outfit idea.  It had to involve burgundy and hopeful spring pastels.  What do you think?  Maybe not for places where winter actually involves snow and is certain to endure well into March.  And maybe not even for Houston which gave us a 70 degree day in January...hmmm.

Now, how to have the best Groundhog Week (I've just decided that a day is not enough):
1. Do not taunt the squirrels around you because they are fiercely jealous of all the attention the groundhog gets.  You have been warned.
2. Watch the movie Groundhog Day.  I hear it's good.  And the United States National Film Registry thinks so too.
3. Maybe visit Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.  The groundhog lives there.  They call him Punxsatawney Phil, which is absolutely silly.
4. Eat chocolate, because chocolate is always good, all day, everyday.
5. Dress really well, like to the nines well. You'll look great and feel great and maybe get a Valentine's Day date (if you don't already have one) and keep a date (if you do already have one).  Or someone could handpick you to meet President Obama because Presidents' Day is so close too.  It could happen.

Happy Groundhog Day/Week in advance!
Happy Game Day Too!
Oh wait, I'm not a company trying to advertise something.  I can actually explicitly mention the Superbowl instead of referring to it as the "Big Game" lol.
So, go Seattle Patriots! I mean, New England Seahawks. Err, Katy Perry!