Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Happy Hatter

pretty and delicious

Outfit Details
Aryeh dress (Ruche) // Antoniazzi Firenze leather belt (my mom) //Rebecca Minkoff Mac bag
Nine West heels (Ross) // The hat (World Market)
Saturdays are for bakeries and breweries.  First Bakery Lorraine for some macarons (my new favorite dessert!) and then the Pearl Brewery (where there is no longer a brewery) to wander.  All the while wearing a floppy hat.  Inspired by this story of a hat, I have composed my own "story." 

Before I went to Nigeria last December, I decided I wanted a floppy hat because I would be going from chilly to hot weather (and because I saw an Instagram pic of some girl looking cool in one...).  I had searched the Internets but by the time I really wanted the hat, my departure date was too close.  Whatever I ordered online wouldn't arrive when I needed it (and I didn't need a hat so badly to justify expedited shipping; I didn't need a hat at all).  So I went to a few stores: Target, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and a peep at Walmart.

Do you know how hard it is to find what is basically a summer hat in the middle of winter?  I felt a little silly trying to find one until I stepped into World Market and saw this lone hat.  There was no price tag on it. 
Because it was way out of season, the sales clerk had to scroll through their inventory on the computer to find an item with a similar description and then find the price.  This took twenty minutes and I waited patiently.  Although I did say to myself "If this hat costs more than $15..."

The price was $10.  I happily paid and excitedly packed the hat in my suitcase for Nigeria.  And then it never left the suitcase for those three weeks abroad.  I never wore the hat that I went through all that trouble to find and buy.  Until this past Saturday when I tried to see if it could fit over my hair.  It did and all of a sudden my flat sandals had to go (according to my sister) in favor of heels.  And here I am, the happy hatter.

**taken by my lovely sister