Sunday, July 6, 2014

All of the Lights

soft shock
Fireworks are nothing special to me--once you've seen one display you've seen them all.  If I don't go to a firework show, I don't regret it.  But I think it's definitely more about the company you're with rather than the special effects lighting up the sky.  Every time I do go to a firework show I am reminded of that.  

This year I went to Woodlawn Lake Park to see the displays with a friend and a friend of a friend.  The park was FULL.  Full of people--families, children (with sparklers and glow sticks) and dogs (a couple not on leashes, yikes!).  It was like a mini-fair.  There was a stage with a band playing and booths selling giant turkey legs, funnel cakes, and sweet corn.  

We watched the display from this bridge a little ways from the lake.  The show was anti-climatic without a proper ending because of technical problems due to the light rain.  But still, against my usual behavior, I took photos of the works.  These two were the most unique and interesting to me.  And this tweet I saw on my timeline was so fitting and funny.  I absolutely agree (even as I hypocritically took photos).

whispers in the night

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