Sunday, February 9, 2014

Composition I in White, Black and Cream

Hey, hi, hello! Hope that you (whoever you are) have enjoyed your weekend.  That the weather was bearable or pleasantly indecisive day-to-day.  And that you were extraordinary in thought, action and presence.  For me today has been quite alright ♫ from am to pm .  About this outfit of the day then...

I was instantly reminded of an iconic artwork once I put on this skirt.  I remember seeing it in the books of paintings from elementary school art class.  Mrs. Art Teacher would always introduce us to a technique or art movement to influence and inspire our newest projects.  A vague representation of the image flashed across my mind but I had no idea of its title or artist.  With my non-specific query, "art with squares and lines," Google came to the rescue.  Dutch painter Piet Mondrian created Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow in 1930 during his time in Paris. 
Credit: Barewalls
His artwork has clearly inspired the fashion world with designers creating "Mondrian" styles.  It seems that anything with colorblocking or the original primary colors can be Mondrian-inspired.  Rectangular (or other) panels with or without coloring, black and bold bordering too.  In the 1960s Yves Saint Laurent had a colorblock mod dress featured on the cover of Vogue (the least interesting and least relatable fashion magazine, in my opinion) and in this Millennium, an all leather interpretation in a dress.  Now you can buy pillows, shoes, posters, purses, T-shirts and more with the print... goodness gracious!

Credit: Teen Vogue
walk on the wild side
So never mind that the skirt had shifted on my waist (the cream panel is supposed to be in the middle) and that my left shoe is not buckled... I've ventured to the streets now!  Trying to step out into new territory for these outfit posts, daring to fiddle with a tripod and camera settings while vehicles drive by.  

Outfit Details
W118 by Walter Baker peplum top
White House Black Market skirt
Nine West heels ($7 at Ross!)
That Michael Kors clutch again (gotta get my money's worth)

Happy Sunday!

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