Saturday, February 1, 2014

Brown on Beige on Brown

Happy Black History Month!*  Obviously, this outfit is an attempt to demonstrate the different shades of brown that exist and that black people are really brown.  In elementary school I would choose the brown, raw sienna, and sepia Crayola crayons to draw myself and family, not the black one.  In high school I would wonder why Hispanics and Indians get call themselves brown people.  "But I'm brown too!!"  Oh, but we all know the term is a socially-influenced racial classification...or something.

Taking advantage of the warmer weather, I opted for what I'd call a prairie dress.  It's BITTEN by Sarah Jessica Parker, the clothing line she had in collaboration with the now defunct Steve & Barry's way back when (like 2007).  It's also a reject taken from my cousin lol.  This is how to wear a recycled midi prairie dress: under a cardigan and cinched with a belt to give it a little more shape.
Now, does anyone remember that Nickelodeon show Cousin Skeeter?  With Meagan Good, Robert Ri'chard (Arnaz from One on One, with Penny Proud) and a puppet?  Looking at all this brown reminded me of a scene where Skeeter (puppet) is trying to help Bobby (Robert) choose what to wear for something, most likely involving Bobby's crush Nina (Meagan).  All Bobby had in his closet were beige clothes.  And Skeeter might have thrown a fit as he went through the rack: "Beige?...Beige?!...Beige!...More beige?!!!"  Okay, time to retire that word for the month.

RIP purse
Sooo, this is the bag I wore with the outfit.  The strap unexpectedly unleashed on me while walking out of a store.  I could only laugh about it; I know I wore it out and did not always treat it kindly.  It made an awkward temporary clutch for the rest of the afternoon.

Outfit Details
Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker dress
H&M cardigan
Brown belt from who knows where
Sam Edelman sandals (Marshall's)
Marc Fisher purse I killed

*Hmmm...Google's logo shows Harriet Tubman in honor of Black History Month.  Now to think about what I might do...

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