Monday, September 14, 2015

Moo-Moo Ze Um: Of the Bucket List

#14. Visit half of the museums in Houston's Museum District (there are A LOT)

One. So far I've visited one museum. Or rather one and a half (the second exhibit at the CAMH* was under construction, awaiting next day opening). At such a slow rate, I don't see how I could possibly visit half of the Museum District before 2016, especially now that regular school is back in session. Should I amend this bucket list item? Should I amend ALL the bucket list items?! Because I sure haven't run any 5K or gotten strong enough to do more than five push-ups. Four months left. :o

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, free to the public on Thursdays, is magnificently expansive with the coolest exhibits. Check out Shadow Monsters below. A very non-traditional display, not what most would expect to find at a museum. The installation has three huge projection screens and a bucket of random props--bent hoola hoops, crowns, and hats. When you move in front of the screens, monstrous appendages appear off your shadowed body and props. The fascination and amusement last for almost ever, until the whole run ends after November 1.

Shadow Monsters was a nice highlight, but the rest of the sections I strolled through were just as nice. MFAH has its many traditional collections in addition to special borrowed or temporary exhibits--often the ones that cost a little extra moolah to see. Actually, the first thing I visited was this history of photography presented on two sides of a pathway. I am so enraptured by the idea of photography, so that was cool to look through. Technology (and those innovators who create it) is so amazing. To go from daguerreotypes to film to digital, from black and white to color, from dullness to the sharpness of HD-- the progression is interesting to see, especially when we live in a time where taking a photo is so effortless. As easy as it is, I do think we're losing an element of sharing photographs. They're now all trapped on flickr, photobucket, Instagram and Facebook. Forgotten almost as soon as the day they're posted, to make room for the next set of photos to like and favorite. We should at least print the special ones. Make simple albums for keepsakes. Yes...

*The Contemporary Art Museum Houston only hosts two exhibitions at a time, it seems. Whispering Bayou was open while the new one was in progress. This one was also somewhat interactive, like Shadow Monsters, but quite underwhelming to me. But since the CAMH constantly offers new and unique exhibitions, I'm sure there will always be something to interest a variety of people. I'll probably go the CAMH and MFAH. And maybe some of the others...eventually.

in the middle
Every time I visit a museum, I like to look for anything West African. Then anything Nigerian. Then anything Igbo. 
Can this be considered art? Does MFAH take random submissions off the street?

Hip Hip Hooray for Monday! 
For Moo-Moo Ze Umz! 
For culture and intellect and throngs of beautiful people to people watch!!

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