Thursday, September 17, 2015

Not Fit for the Park

No, I am not in some knock-off historical-looking European-type place or any whimsical forest. This is Houston, Texas, baby. Hermann Park, to be exact. My college roommate (reunited for the weekend, after three years apart) and I took a stroll through the park to get out of the house on Labor Day and finally see the Japanese Botanical Gardens.

I only wore the heels because they best suited the outfit and I couldn't help but think about my sister and my mom. My sister, because she used to tell me all the time that flats make you look frumpy, and my mom, because she would never wear anything without some height--wedge, high heel. I was going for style elevation, ya'll!

I only wore the hat because I pinned up my free-form faux-fro in a way that invited a hat. I only wore that loose crop top because it was a style risk for me. I usually like the look when I see it on other people, but could never imagine myself wearing one unless I could take a mallet to my stomach...or, say, exercise a little more. And I only happened to own something to take a style risk with because the top was 50% off at Buffalo Exchange the previous day. 

All black outfit, all neutral accessories? Surely red lipstick could be the only way to go. Pretty nice all together, I think, but definitely not fit for the park. The wind challenged the hat. The humidity challenged my comfort. But I should have known lol. I felt a little foolish walking over wet, rocky, and muddied pathways amidst tennis shoe-clad people also strolling and barefooted children running through shooting water. But only the smallest amount of foolishness, just a smidge.

What I'm Wearing:
some pants and some top with some shoes and a hat. also an Africa necklace from Nigeria and an elephant bag from South Africa. [being cheeky today :p]

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