Monday, July 27, 2015

Flirting With My Boyfriend (Jeans)

Oh, is that a pun in the title? If it is, how great is that? The purpose of puns, sometimes, is to be amusingly lame. No matter, the lame title stays because I don't actually have a boyfriend but I do have these boyfriend jeans. These non-stretch jeans that I never expected to wear as often as I do. Also needed to add some context before disappointing anyone with a misleading title...unless, you know, I'm currently flirting with my (future) boyfriend. Well...

I just thought I looked cute in this: a flirty, feminine top and pants with rips on purpose. I remember when my dad pointed out the rips a couple months ago, as if I didn't know they were there. His expression and response when I told him I bought them that way...still makes me chuckle. Again, with a headwrap to front like my hair is fly. Still perfectly mismatched for a Sunday afternoon, I think.  

the backside
this tree just branched out to me
I am a cheerleader
What I'm wearing:
Hearts black lace top // American Eagle ripped boy crop jeans // Just Fab sandals // greenish scarf of Korean origin, c/o my sister

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