Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Not the Usual

Aaah!!  I've unintentionally taken a break from the blog, mostly because I couldn't find the words to type (still having trouble...).  But I've got ideas on the backburner and it's SUMMERTIME!  The heat is on and I really should think twice before wearing any sort of long sleeve in Texas this time of year.  

I may have thought twice or thrice, though, when choosing this outfit.  And then still decided to wear this long-sleeved denim shirt.  Mschew.  I wanted to try something different than usual for a weekend look: no jeans and no flats.  I believe those were the unofficial rules.  And I struggled, creating a closet tornado, before settling on this.

So in the words of Nordstrom Rack, I was the "style hunter" who found these wedges irresistible and this textured skirt a cool piece of game.  These shoes are well-loved, smothered even.  Which is weird, because they're just shoes.  Except...  
The skirt is still unseasoned to me.  Meaning, it could be better paired with something else.  I could get on this crop top train...but I don't know.  Any ideas? 


Bye Felicia*
Outfit Details
H&M white tank
Forever 21 denim shirt
Topshop tube skirt 
BCBGeneration Tempest wedges 
Steve Madden crossbody bag
JewelMint Clara bracelet

Happy Hump Day

*I've actually never seen any of the Friday movies...but I've heard some things

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  1. Love the texture of your skirt and your shoes are awesome.