Monday, June 30, 2014

Misadventures in Makeup: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Review

Once upon a time, there was a young lady who kind of liked makeup and all the magic it can do to bring out natural beauty (or to hide it or create it).  While she liked it, she also kind of disliked it because it was just too much and she was clueless about how to apply it.  But one day, her beauty godmother advised her and encouraged her to try Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream*.  This beautiful beauty godmother had heard great things about this BB cream:  "It's a step below foundation and a step above your bare face. Try it."  Plus it's supposed to moisturize, hydrate, prime, protect, amplify, tenderize and miraculize!

With the words of her beauty godmother ringing in her ears, this young lady got herself to a Sephora where she felt overwhelmed by all the products and the hive center filled with makeup belt wielding artistes taking to their random canvases.  Suddenly she became a canvas, but only for a short moment.  Long enough to choose the shade (dark, the darkest of them all) and test it along her jawline.  She asked questions: apply with fingers?  Just how much at once?  The artiste answered.  This young lady looked in the mirror and was satisfied.  She saw that it matched so she thanked the artiste and entered the queue to purchase it.  

Then she went on a journey from her homeland to a faraway land called Missouriana.  She smashed that box and used her new BB cream each day during her trip but the look was flat.  Unsatisfying.  Blah.  When she returned home she kept the cream locked up for a few weeks, only to have her beauty godmother inquire about it.  With the inquiry, she decided to give the cream another try.  At this final time she saw that she was hilariously mistaken.  The artiste was mistaken.  It was not a smash.
is this serious?**
So Smashbox Camera Ready BB comes in a relatively small tube.  I applied it with my fingers and tried to blend as well as I could.  Looking at these photos, it seems like the shade actually is similar enough to the shade of my neck and chest but the texture is not right.  It looks like I'm wearing makeup.  Maybe I'm not applying it correctly.  But for now, as far as I'm concerned...this is a no-go.  Join me for the next makeup (mis)adventure!

*I know this product has been available for a lifetime by now, but I've only just now made myself available to it lol.
**I mean, my hair is not serious...but no worries.

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