Thursday, May 29, 2014


I certainly was excited to find this little grey box in the mail--my Warby Parker Home Try On package!! Warby Parker was the first online eyewear company I heard of but there are several others like BonLook and Eyefly.  I believe WP is the only one that allows a physical try-on at home or in certain store locations in addition to a virtual try-on.  Pretty cool, eh?

To be honest, this is the third time I've done the free Home Try On Program at Warby Parker.  The first time, after my annual optometry visit last year, was a test, like "Really?  They'll send me five pairs of glasses to try on for free?!"  And the second time was probably because I could...and well, because web advertisements absolutely work.  But this third time I plan to actually choose some frames for my new prescription.

You can even get feedback from them if you use #WarbyHomeTryOn on Twitter and friends.  I thought I'd give it a try and they actually responded!  With things like "We're digging Ainsworth on you!" and "We think it'd be great in our Violet Magnolia color as well."  Love the language, love the help.  Even if their ultimate hope is that I'll buy some frames.  But there's no pressure, otherwise I don't think I'd be on my third home try-on... This is a promising collection I picked out though.  What do you think?!  To my fellow vision-impaired peoples: have any of you tried out this program or visited the other eyewear sites?

#1: Ainsworth in Elderberry
#2: Baxter in Catalina Blue
#3: Roosevelt in Revolver Black
#4: Finch in Grenadine
#5: Roosevelt in Bondi Blue
I don't know how it happened, but these kind of look like Polaroid prints.  
Very retro.

P.S. As a kid I could never accept "four-eyes" as a logical insult.  If someone called me that I would make the case that the eyeglasses themselves were not another set of eyes.  I tried to school 'em in the basics of human biology.  Can't say I made a difference.

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