Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Graduate

Let me start with this: This woman, my mother, is not the graduate.  My awesome little sister is, but during all the commencement festivities (from St. Louis to South Bend, Indiana), my mother claimed some of the spotlight through her impeccable and effortless style.  Although, I know for a fact it was not effortless.  Some serious planning went into the outfits for the weekend.  Don't you kind of have to when you're traveling and don't have full access to your closet?

I feel like I'm divulging secrets here (sorry, Mommy!)...but I think this is what draws so many people to fashion and style.  This is the reason this huge industry that has expanded from conventional, mainstream magazines to a proliferation of personal style blogs and YouTube channels and other websites.  Something so basic as clothing (meant to protect the body from the elements) can also be a form of artistic expression.  There's mutual appreciation of the way people put things together, the way they visually present themselves.  Inspiration is EVERYWHERE.  The cool thing is putting your own twist on what originally inspired you.  Another cool thing is adapting looks and trends to fit into your means (your finances, your tastes, your comfort level).

Here's the outfit inspiration: white shell top with a wreath of pearly necklace, a voluminous trumpet skirt in an interesting print, and a small boxy bag.  Breakdown of my mom's personal twist: a sleeveless white top with lace-like cutouts in the back (can't really see), a tamer pearly necklace, and a tailor-made ankara print skirt (those colors!).  Tied together with a white Fendi belt, a delicious-looking Kate Spade bag (again, those colors!), cut out heels, and sunglasses (because nothing makes you look as cool as sunglasses do).

Hope you liked this and feel inspired by other people's inspiration (lol) and to look your best.  Doesn't have to be so glamorous, just you.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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