Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Better Than Before

Last week I specifically noticed my eyebrows in the mirror and thought "Oooh, gotta do something about this."  All these beauties on Instagram and YouTube have perfect eyebrows that often don't even look like they're made of hair.  Painted but not painted.  Filled in but not fake.  They also tend to wear flawless makeup...

At nearly twenty-four, proper application of makeup escapes me.  I see a value in it (enhancing your existing beauty) and a fault in it (time component, potential to rub off on things).  Eventually I will learn to highlight, conceal, enhance, define, color (all the makeup verbs).  Until then, I could at least clean up my eyebrows.

Now, eyebrow shaping is like magic.  I already know this (and if you don't, I am now a temporary product of such magic).  The caterpillars above my eyes have been tweezed, threaded and waxed before...just not regularly.  But I should probably change that so last weekend I made an appointment with Anastasia Brow Studio at Nordstrom (referred to by my momma).  They use these stencils-- full arch, high arch, medium arch, etc--to mark the shape, then wax around and tweeze to finish.  I wanted to keep my fullness so the esthetician (nice word, eh?) used the full arch stencil.  

Did you know that eyebrows can have cowlicks too?  On my inner edges hairs lie straight up instead of curving nicely with the rest.  Apparently those hairs are a cowlick and I can train them to grow in a curved direction with a brow gel--tinted or clear.  Brush/flick up and then over to lay the hairs down.  Hmmm, lesson of the week. 

So there's the before above.  See the after.  I hope the magic can be seen well enough (used my iPhone for these and sometimes I take grainy photos--by accident--instead of clear/crisp photos).  If you can't see the magic, trust me, it has gotten better with each passing day lol.  I'll look in the mirror and be like "Whose pretty face is that?!"  It was pretty before, but now there's something extraordinary about it.

*Currently using Lancome Brow Experts Modele Sourcil in Naturel (some kind of clear gel, ya'll)

Alright, alright, alright. Until next time.

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