Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Authentically Peplum

with arms wide open!
[Oh happy day!]

Authentic: of undisputed origin, genuine

Representin' Nigeria and West Africa for Easter Sunday in this ankara print top.  I believe that's what it's called... ankara.  Now let me tell you what Google told me: ankara print was actually borrowed and fully adopted by West Africa from Indonesia, where the Dutch marketed their wax prints.  Dutch wax prints = ankara prints.  

So this beautiful top is authentic, made in Nigeria (which is not to say that the same material sewn in the U.S or anywhere else is not, but you know what I mean, right?).  Same pattern as one of my cousin's tops, but still original to me.  Look at those sleeves!  Those sleeves are the only reason I posted multiple photos with my arms in different positions and angles.  Just so you could gaze at the magnificence of all that bellowing material. Note:  the way I just used the word "bellowing" is absolutely incorrect lol.  When the word came to mind as I was constructing that sentence, it just sounded so perfect.  I meant to say "billowing."  Oh, the English language.  Everything sounds the same.

Traditional top with English bottom (the matching skirt has no give and I wanted to be able to walk into church and sit in the chairs comfortably), that's how my mom might describe it.  Hmm...I think it's interesting how the opposite of Nigerian or Igbo is often viewed as English. Or maybe it's just a filler for "Western."  Upon introducing myself I have been asked what my English name is.  All my names are Igbo.  And I know I've given unsolicited explanations to my parents that so-called "English" or American names can originate from other languages.  Oh and they can also have meanings.  Tee hee. Next...

Peplum (of yore): an Ancient Greek garment hanging in folds to the waist, worn by women
(of present): any piece of clothing with a short section of fabric at the waist, e.g. flare, ruffles, pleats

I wonder if this peplum trend is here to stay...I minimally wonder because it's not that serious.  Who dictates trends anyway?  We should wear what we want and what we feel great in.  I want to say "to hell" to fashion trends but then I also kind of agree with the gradual disappearance of some from the mainstream.  Scrunchies, for example--they were the best thing to happen for hair (besides crimping and braids with completely burned ends) growing up in the 90s, but anytime I see a woman with one now, I make a cringe-face and think she'd look better using a sleek, thin hair tie. 

 On the other hand, I believe that skinny jeans will last forever.  Because how could we go back to universal "mom jeans," severe bell-bottoms and excessive boot cuts?  I swear, all of my jeans in elementary school had a super-flare until I specifically asked my momma for straight-leg jeans in the sixth grade.

ooh, that is some slit...

Outfit Details
tailor-made original (Owerri, Nigeria) 
The Limited skirt (ThredUp)
oh...Dear! wedges
MK clutch 
the best bangles ever

[Oh happy week!!]

Define Authentic: But Google is Your Friend
Pepe Peplum (Remember Pepe Le Pew, the annoyingly persistent skunk who just would not leave that unsuspecting kitten alone?) 

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