Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Still in semi-summer mode at the beginning of November.  Now the days pretend to treat us well between giving us some hell.  If hell is chilly...I just wanted to keep the rhyme.  I don't know why I've saved this until the near end of the month, but here 'tis.

Yes, 'tis the season already.  That one station has officially switched into Christmas music.  I happily accepted this change once I heard the cool version of "White Christmas" by the Drifters followed by my all-time favorite, Wham's "Last Christmas."  And I saw The Best Man Holiday last Friday night.  All this before we even get to Thanksgiving?!  Everything is coming so quickly.  Already there are pre-Black Friday sales and stores are decorated red and green.  And everything is going to pass quickly.  November and December kind of blur into each other and then suddenly give way for the new year.  So before all this holiday excitement comes in full force — autumn/winter cold, parties, gift-giving, and  quality T-I-M-E ♫ I have one last summery thing. 

On life: Do you feel like you're all over the place sometimes?  You have an egg (or a piece of shell) in each basket, but you're only really watching out for one basket (and it's the wrong one for the moment).  The thing I've been telling myself lately is that I'm doing the most when I should be doing the least.  I've been blog-centric, visiting Bloglovin' and all these other online magazines and standalone blogs.  I've also resumed by TV addiction (though that never really went away).  As soon as the GRE could leave my life forever I relaxed a little and focused more on my social and hobby baskets to the neglect of the others.

What I've been telling myself is not right.  I should never be doing the least in anything.  For this lesson in the importance of priorities and balance I just have to continue with this awful analogy (gotta make it work)...  So, choose the most important baskets, put the right number of eggs in each one, and try real hard to carry them all and still walk straight without dropping anything.  Easier said... But just try.  Real hard. 

Oh, and stay sanely insane.  On this cloudy autumn day when I decided to hold steadfast to a fleeting summer-feel I was grooving to my new favorite song "Right There" by Ariana Grande.  A little silly helps me do the most (err...my best) for the next important thing.  The song is just so bounceable.  I've developed an infatuation with her music ever since I heard "The Way" (which samples Big Pun's "Still Not a Player" which samples Brenda Russell's "A Little Bit of Love").  Everything sounds the same but different, very catchy, very pop/R&B-ish, and she's got those Mariah Carey high frequency notes.

On photography: Well, the first one was treated with some sort of filter on Picasa.  I think it looks a little summertime glamorous, like an editorial in a magazine.  I shot with ISO 200 because the cloudiness was washing the images out but there are other components to exposure that I haven't used because I don't know how or can't use because of camera limitations.  I recall there's something called white balance... for another day.

On the outfit:  This is the only way I know how to wear a denim shirt. Is that still a trend?  Is this thing they call chambray the same?  I'm not sure.  I suppose the traditional denim complements the pastel color in those pants (which might not be the best fit, but I'm stuck with them now).  I really like the idea of candy-colored anything.  Enough of the "blue jean."  (I always scrunched my face whenever my high school band teacher would say that.  Why you gotta have that adjective there all the time?)  This outfit is all quite bright, comfortable for a Texas autumn and of course, fitting to dance in.  

"This is my jam!"

Forever 21 denim shirt
Target dressy tee
Gap legging jean (allergic to plural)
Calvin Klein reversible belt
(Burlington Coat Factory)

Tasha headband (Nordstrom)
Forever 21 necklace
Kelly & Katie sandals (DSW)
Steve Madden crossbody
Goodness, I think this is my second-longest post so far and possibly the most jumpy.  Thanks for reading if you did.  If you didn't thanks for scrolling through. Bye ya'll!

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