Saturday, November 9, 2013

SmART Party

Is there such a thing as the Window of Photography Perfection?  Loosely defined as a period of time when really nice images can be shot outdoors mostly because of the magic of natural light.  If it is a thing then the end of Daylight Saving Time made me miss that window last night.

Too sexy for my face
Without that window I was stuck in a room and tried to make do.  Nighttime photography.  Hmmm....  Well, since it was getting darker by the minute I increased the camera's sensitivity to light: pumped that ISO level up to 400.  (I've been working with ISO 100 or 200, no flash)  It didn't work out very well, so I set the camera to ISO 200 and used flash to illuminate subject and background.  Okay, okay, enough with the technical stuff.  Still not the best results I think, but hey, I'm new at this.
It was all in the name of SAMA Art Party (San Antonio Museum of Art).  Every second Friday of the month, the beautiful museum opens the courtyard area for art,  music, and cocktails, charging a small fee ($10).  Party makes me think "dress!"  And a skirt is pretty much a half-dress.  Or is a dress an extended skirt?  This zebra print looking skirt is probably from Dillards Clearance Outlet, courtesy of my momma.  I bought both the open jacket and shoes on a whim.  The jacket because it was different and on sale at Nordstrom Rack and the shoes because my sister told me I had to buy them.  Apparently that's all it takes to convince me.

I've never worn these things together before and I feel like there might be something missing.  I bet one of those fancy schmancy (too expensive for me) celebrity stylists would have something to make it complete.  Oh, I forgot.  I'm my own personal stylist most of the time.  Every extraordinary ordinary girl is.  Next time, I guess.  But actually I have to say that my mom has bought a good chunk of my clothes and I usually love everything she gets me.  So she's my stylist.  I'm just now taking over.

Gap long sleeved T-shirt
Gianni Bini skirt
Classiques Entier jacket (Nordstrom Rack)
generic black tights
BOC Born Concept oxford shoes (DSW)

P.S.  SAMA is a pretty cool word abbreviation.  But what if it were named the [S]an Antonio [m]useum of ART?  Smart choices, people.  Idea from my love, my sister.

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