Monday, November 25, 2013

About Time for a Cupcake

I have a sweet tooth on a mission to have me visit bakeries around the city and host delicious dessert parties in my mouth.  Why foil such a plan when I could facilitate it?  Last week I somehow came upon Bird Bakery while jumping from tab to tab on the Internet.  Sounds good, looks good.  Grab a friend, let's go.

pumpkin spice and fresh strawberry
On Broadway  they say there's always magic in the air .  And I think they are right.  First, Bird Bakery is next to a TCBY Frozen Yogurt, a childhood favorite.  I thought those stores were extinct -- does anyone remember their teeth-staining rainbow ice cream (which was really just primary-colored vanilla)?  Anyway, back to the charming and quaint bakery.

Second, the space is small and cozy, but big enough for a long table and several square for four and circle for two tables.  Antique-looking bird-cage chandeliers hang from the ceiling and the napkin holders are adorned with little birds or brass spoons.  Monogrammed mugs, mirrors and other knick-knacks are on display and some for sale.  Chalked messages decorate the walls and doors.  This lovely one from Julia Child made me smile and really justified the mission of my sweet tooth:
Everything in moderation... including moderation. 
The dessert counter is glorious.  Cupcakes, cookies, pies, and brownies.  And they have sandwiches-- from turkey to chicken salad to what they called Nostalgic Grilled Cheese.  I'll take that, thank you very much.  Sandwiches come with very crispy ridged potato chips and a pickle spear.  Now let me dish about these cupcakes.  I tasted lemon and fresh strawberry at the bakery.  The cake was moist and dense with just enough icing as to not overwhelm you with sweetness.  The strawberry one was so good I got another for home along with the seasonal pumpkin spice.  But they also had a sweet potato one... next time.

My, what a scary face you have
All the better to tear this cake up
I had already eaten half of it when I thought I should show the world just how good it is.  So good I cannot be confined to a kitchen or any kind of etiquette.

In case Google is broken or something: Bird Bakery 5912 Broadway St, San Antonio, TX 78209  

P.S. After the bakery I went to the theatre to see About Time starring Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams and I loved it.  Sweet and sentimental...just like cupcakes?, but yes, a sweet and sentimental movie.  Visit, eat, drink, watch, be merry.  All that.

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