Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last Sunday Grey

Oh, my face is out of focus? Well....

Dear Potential Readers,

Welcome to my slice of (modest) vanity. Thank you for checking it out.  It's a little embarrassing and/or nerve-wracking to post anything online, but I'm just gonna do it. Our world is already used to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other modes of sharing through the web. Part of the inspiration for this blog is the belief that we can all be extraordinary too. Using whatever resources you have (different personalities, styles, and opinions), you can be just as great as all the people you admire. So here it is. My kind of extraordinary. Hope you enjoy it!

Love Always,
Ifeoma Adaora
silk-something top from ThredUp
H&M skirt
 F21 necklace
Steve Madden crossbody purse
wedges "stolen" from my cousin's closet

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