Friday, September 20, 2013

It's A Little Much

uh oh!

dress from somewhere
bangle/bracelets from that one place
Nine West heels
Steve Madden crossbody purse
Hello, hello!

I nearly killed my point-and-shoot trying to take these photos. Hold, fiddle, fumble, drop. The lens got jammed in and like it was someone's dislocated shoulder, I popped it out with a little force.  I then revived it from unconsciousness, so behold... I wore these things this past Sunday. A little much right? Short skirt, tsk tsk.

Since I'm without a tripod or a servant to be my personal photographer, I'm sticking indoors for now and using impromptu (yet totally stable) household items to balance the camera. It was really cool to play with the natural lighting from the window shutters, to see what happens when there's too much light and when there's not enough. This is too much fun already. Good day to you!

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