Saturday, September 14, 2013

If Only for Posterity

Dear Future Me,

You were a girl--er, young woman-- whose coming of age themes were to be bold and gorgeous. Bold and beautiful, gorgeous and gracious, et cetera, et cetera.  At twenty-something (ooh, one of those) you are still coming of age and creating yourself.  ♫ One step at a time ♪.  But how are you to know just how you grew to be who you are at whatever the present time?  Well, part of your identity lies in how you express yourself in the most obvious and widely cited arts-- music, design, writing, and fashion. Not the most important things of course, but in the running for the most fun.  

Yeah! (this was you way way back in '09)
In 2012 you started a blog called "Some Kind of Colorful" and it was canceled after a year in favor of "Extraordinary Too." Why? Just because. Or you wanted a new direction, a focus for artistic creativity. And you really wanted to document the development of your personal style. Maybe so your daughters could see just how chic you were then (but you're probably still rocking the hottest outfits ). Oh, and because of photography. You're kind of obsessed with the idea of taking it up as a hobby and thought "Why not practice by joining the other thousands of women and girls blogging about style?"  So here it is.  Hope you enjoy it!

Love Always,

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