Friday, November 14, 2014

Wrap Your Head Around It

So I've been experimenting with headscarves and headwraps.  Joy Adaeze from Joy Loves Fashion first got me fascinated with them.  It's become her signature since she was a teenager.  There's just something really beautiful about turbans, headwraps and coverings.  To throw out more adjectives: cool and regal come to mind.

This Monday when I unearthed my warmer clothes (and they all smelled like storage), I found this brown scarf that one of my college suitemates gave me in our freshman year.  For some reason, I don't like scarves around my neck, so the few that I have are always hidden away and neglected.  But scarves around my head?  All for it.  I tried to tie the scarf up in an untraditional way, which means making it all up as I go.  The fringe of the scarf peeked out and I thought I looked like a gypsy.  Then I went to the grocery store and willed myself not to be self-conscious about my handiwork. [DoItInPublicOrYou'reFake]*

About my natural hair.  Some days I hate it -- when it looks like rubbish tied up or let "loose."  Now I know that in those situations I could make a so-so puff or just wrap it up!  I woke up with ten flat twists radiating from the center of my head.  After untwisting the result was disappointingly unmagical.  I did the same style on Monday and it looked magnificent then.  But today...  I grabbed this scarf and tried to configure something new.  Something like Ashley Blaine Featherson, with my hair peeking out, but without the laid edges.  A tie in the front, wrap around to the back, then another tie, and lastly, tucking in the ends on the sides.  And done.  How do you like it?

What I'm Wearing
(But really, just a schweater, jeans and boots :P)
Forever 21 sweater // Kut from the Kloth Diana skinny jeans // BX by Bronx boots // purplely scarf of unknown origin // NYX Butter Lipstick in Hunk 

*j/k, you're not fake.  
Do what makes you comfortable but not so much that you're always stuck in the same old box.  
I think, that's what they would say.

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