Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Answer is YES

Source: Pinterest by way of Etsy
Life is an adventure.  When you're young, I think you don't even realize you've said yes to adventures.  Your innocence and natural curiosity just propel you forward, make you think, use your imagination and bombard anyone older than you with never-ending "why?" questions.  As you grow older, and sometimes become disillusioned with reality, you have to remind yourself to say yes.  To chase dreams, take risks and live instead of simply existing.

There are so many big questions waiting for you in the world.  Some abstract and some tangible and some immediate, difficult, stupid.  The answers to some of them could require some work to find and in the end they may not work out best.  But here we have one big question, posed by Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist and writer.  I think that the correct answer should always be yes.
The end.  Happy Sunday.

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