Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh Autumn!

As far as I'm concerned fall officially began four days ago.  The autumnal equinox and one weekend of rain ushered in the new season but I was not truly aware until I decided to step out in decidedly warm-weather clothes.  While everyone else had broken out their boots, sweaters and cool colors, I had on sandals, short sleeves and summer pastels (which is an actual fashion-type phrase! also, awesome alliteration!).

This is autumn!!!!!!!
It's always a challenge for me to dress smartly (or even decently) when the weather turns drab.  And since I maintain a pre-weather forecast mindset, I almost never check the predictions and constantly walk out the door ill-prepared.  Sometimes I run back in to grab an umbrella or jacket and other times...
Once in college I put on this knee-length denim skirt and a zip-up hoodie (yes, I remember outfits I've worn as far back as age 8).  The ugliest grey ribbed ankle-length tights for "warmth" and flats (which I live in) tied it all together.  That day the wind was harsh and it rained relentlessly.  I got to trudge across campus cold, wet, and uncute.  As I battled the wind's attempts to invert my umbrella I thought "Why did I wear this?! My feet are so wet! Why do I have a doctor's appointment today and why is Student Health Services on the opposite end of campus?!"  

So let's see if I can keep this style blog up through March (oh winter!).  I guess it's always the right time to be creative and actually make effort to look nice. That's the point of this.  To everyone, Happy Autumn!

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