Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fit for Last Week

Doesn't this have that senior portrait vibe?
Too bad I've graduated twice without the real thing.
This morning I woke up feeling ambitious and decided to make scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Chopped tomatoes, onions, and half a Habanero chili pepper...  The onion venom violated my eyes and although I was a fork and an arm away from the pepper, it stung my eyes too.  But I was feeling good about these eggs, so I kept going.  I alternated whites and yolks and added thyme, curry powder and salt. Heard a nice sizzle in the skillet, a promising process.

The result was a bland fail. Even adding Sriracha sauce could not save it.  It was eaten anyway, followed by some chocolate (yeah, chocolate in the morning).  I will try again, make no mistake. That's my boring story for today. Maybe something better will happen, something good at my kickboxing class tonight.  Definitely doubt that... kickboxing is not my friend right now.

Oh so I stepped out in this getup last Thursday to visit my neighborhood Academy Sports and Outdoors for some kickboxing gloves.  Then I played with Picasa a little bit.  I'd always wondered how people created that focal point color, everything else black and white effect. And now I know.  Happy Thursday and not-so-happy government shutdown day 10. Whoo! Whew!

Cynthia Rowley t-shirt
F21 chaqueta
F21 skirt
sandals "stolen" from my cousin's closet

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