Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Expensive Taste in Green Lace

I will take any excuse to get dressed up. Even though I usually destroy my room in the process by ravaging through my closet and rejecting everything...until the least expected choice starts pulsing with prophetic light. Even though I cannot apply makeup but I feel I must. No bare face allowed while wearing a dress I couldn't zip up all the way (comfortably) a few months ago. This was all for a natural hair meetup, a grand extravaganza with product giveaways, games (ice breakers and Heads Up), a mini fashion show and #AskRachel hilariousness.

Ya'll this dress is Barney's New York. This is a "Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl might consider buying just because she can" kind of dress. Again, a treasure discovered by my mother. I didn't think it would fit well enough for whatever level of confidence I had going to a Meetup group event solo and for the first time. But it was all good. I was in the company of beautiful women, all dressed to impress, all with beautiful natural hair--no envy (okay, minor envy), great admiration, inspiration and a little bit of advice. Confidence to rock the dress helped unleash my competitive edge and I won some full-size hair products. Yeah!

You got McDonald's money?
 -- #AskRachel
Red and green in June? Does Christmas have a monopoly on this color combo? I suppose there are exceptions to every presumed "rule" of fashion. If rugs can do it, then anyone can. Because people are analogous to rugs of course. 

Is this a half-hearted "yaaaaaasssss" pose? idk
I got yo crazy in my trunk!
-- Tasha Mack, The Game (but only the CW seasons)
 What I'm wearing:
Barney's New York dress // BCBGeneration wedges // JewelMint Flora necklace // Zara clutch // cream bangle from somewhere

What do you think of the color scheme? 
Happy Halfway through June!

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