Monday, January 5, 2015

High End/Low End Resolution

How many sparkles, sequins and metallics are necessary to qualify as an NYE outfit?  I want to pretend I wore this to welcome the new year but there may not be enough sparkles to pass that off.  Plus, I've never attended any kind of NYE celebration before (at least not one requiring the kind of outfits inspired and presented by fashion magazines, blogs, and clothing store sales).  I've always been at home with family.  A little prayer, a little moscato or champagne, and possibly pajamas.  That's all I need, but what I want...that might shift come 2016. 

Anyway, I put this outfit together with pieces borrowed and new for a birthday dinner and afterparty that was not at a nightclub of some sort as initially believed but at a regular pub (where I was a tad overdressed).  My family went out of town for Christmas and I packed specifically for three days.  Having nothing to wear to go out with my cousin called for improvisation.  I wore a high end top by Kate Spade (a lovely Christmas gift) paired with a low end skirt from Forever 21 (borrowed from my cousin).  The clutch is likely from a "fast fashion" type of clothing store, also borrowed from my cousin, while the wedges are one of my favorite purchases, from Seychelles.  Higher end and lower end clothes balance each other out!

Although, I'm not sure that balancing principle works for my photos.  What looks high res on my iPhone becomes terribly low res uploaded and enlarged on my computer (so please forgive these ones).  Sometimes the iPhone takes crisp and beautiful photos and other times, the light is poor or the lens is temperamental.  Whenever a hopeful image comes out grainy I wish for a Samsung Galaxy or Nokia Lumia.  But not really, because I plan to use my current phone until it dies.  No matter if Apple releases the iPhone 6 Plus S or 6c or 6.5.

Oh happy day!

What I'm Wearing
Kate Spade Tatiana top // Forever 21 floral skirt // Seychelles wedge boots // "fast fashion" clutch // JewelMint Forever Audrey earrings

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