Monday, September 29, 2014

Schoolin' Life

Houston has finally fallen.  Fallen in line a little with the majority of the U.S in welcoming the new season.  But enough already about sweater weather and jackets and boots and maroon/burgundy/oxblood. (I wonder who comes up with the names for various shades of color.  Some of them are quite imaginative.).  It seems like fashion loves fall, what with all these fashion weeks and whatnot. 

Although I predict that the sun's gonna come out again and betray us while wearing our sweaters, but until then I'm happy to wear cardigans and not feel so icky sticky hot on the way to school. As long as I'm indoors and the air conditioning is on full blast, I'll always have some kind of sweater.  Anyway, here I am, rockin' fall-type clothes and just schoolin' life.
What about you?

♫ This is for them 20 somethings
Time really moves fast, you were just sixteen 

Cath Kidston!!
Outfit Details
Express top // Target Merona cardigan // Levi's skinny jeans // just a plain ol' belt // BX by Bronx boots // Cath Kidston zip purse

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